The completely unfiltered diary of a 23-year-old (week 45)

3 min readMay 13, 2021

A new order came in for my side hustle. I’m wondering if I should open up my gig for more orders while working on this one, since there’s a 4-day weekend coming up (i.e. more time work work on side gigs if any come through.)

There’s also an impending sense of doom as my brother may be leaving the country again soon. And I’ll be stuck here with Mom and Dad, and I’m a terrible daughter.

Climbing gyms are gonna be closed because of COVID. But we can still hang out with friends, so it should be fine.

I’m so scared of being bored again. Major first world problems. Maybe I’ll get a pet.

What a terrible reason for getting a pet.

Maybe just something like a guinea pig. An adopted one. So you just gotta give it a good life for a couple more years.

Okay, this is really just me procrastinating on my gig order. The writing is below mediocre.

Going to office tomorrow. Trying not to think too much about it, or I’m gonna end up bailing. My guy colleague isn’t going, because his son fell sick. And he’s probably not gonna be going any time soon because he has a new daughter coming along too. What an amazing person. Parents are incredible people. I can’t imagine sleeping like, zero hours a night because of a newborn kid.

Tomorrow might be my last time going to office for a while.

Also, my laptop was acting up and it just suddenly wiped everything. Well ok, not really. But long story short, it’s okay now, just slightly annoying. But no biggie, just gotta transfer over the stuff from my external hard drive again.

Hung out with Gia and a bunch of friends over the weekend. It was nice, we had drinks. I miss having drinks with groups of friends and just having fun, so that was really nice.

I realized my side gig is due tomorrow. Damn, somehow I thought I had a few more days. Oh well, it’s pretty much done anyway.

I am terrified of getting bored.


I just wanna hang out with people and do stuff.

My brother told me he might leave soon. Goddamn I wish I could leave too. I guess technically I could. But it costs two thousand bucks for the quarantine on the way back.

Wow, didn’t realize this entry would be so bloody negative.

I danced in my room a little just now. It was fun. Good mild exercise.

And now I’m gonna try to read a book that’s been sitting next to my bed for the past month. It’s good, but I guess I’ve got a terribly short attention span.

Almost flaked on going to office when I woke up. But decided to go and I’m pretty glad I did. Got to talk with the female colleague one-on-one. Sounds like she intends to continue going to office, so maybe I’ll join her.

I’ve been tending to an injured butterfly for a couple of days now. What a pet.

I kind of want a top with a built-in bra I can throw on and go outside in. Sometimes I think about going out in the morning to get some sun, but having to wear a bra puts me off. Wow. I’m lazy.



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