The completely unfiltered diary of a 23-year-old (week 43)

3 min readApr 28, 2021

Went kayaking with Jessie and I am so happy!!!

Reminder to self that Jessie can be frustrating (especially over text) but really she’s a great friend who just can come off wrong with her words. She’s just so bad at words. So it’s best to assume good intent with everything (because she ultimately always has my back!)

Gosh, I love outdoor adventures so much. As long as they’re not absurdly tiring. (Then again, tiring is relative so maybe I’m just unfit.)

And. Outdoorsy people are hella cool. The instructors were all super cool in my book, just because they’re adventurous types.

I woke up naturally at 7 a.m. today. Unreal.

For the past two days over the weekend I woke up at about 6.40 a.m. for the kayaking course, so that’s probably why.

This morning I stayed in bed till 7.25 a.m. (I know this because I started using a sleep tracker app), then decided I couldn’t fall back asleep and just got up. It felt surprisingly ok. Felt well rested. Which makes sense, since I slept at like 11.30 p.m. yesterday.

I guess the trick is really to tire yourself out so you can sleep early. It was a good night.

I did start feeling tired again though, about 30 minutes after waking up. Oh well. Let’s see if this “sleep at 11.30 p.m., wake at 7.30 a.m.” thing is sustainable.

I even went for a walk in the park before work. Reminded me of when I was in Cambodia for a field trip and we lived in a village house next to rice fields, which we’d explore in the mornings. Nice and peaceful. (Though the park wasn’t as quiet and expansive, but it’s good enough.)

That waking up at 7.30 a.m. thing was definitely one-off. On the bright side though, I’ve been sleeping consistently before midnight (if you can say two-three days is considered consistent).

I guess you can’t, really.

But okay, let’s try to keep this ‘sleeping before midnight’ thing up.

I already miss kayaking so much. That weekend was so much fun. So. Much. Fun.


At least now I know what makes me happy. I think it was being outdoors + meeting new chill people. Even though I’m awkward sometimes, I just freaking love talking to nice new people.

Maybe it’s because when someone is new, you can ask literally anything. Plus, there’s kind of a social protocol/script around these meetings (or maybe I’m just boring…) But when you know someone, they expect you to remember certain things about them and sometimes…or rather often…I just can’t because my memory is crap.

Plus, meeting new cool people is just fun.

Ahhh, can’t wait to kayak again. And become more comfortable in water too!

Also, I realized I haven’t climbed in almost three weeks. Can’t wait for that too. Gia’s joining this weekend, and then Shelly and I might be going on another day.

But goddamn, I miss that kayaking course. It was really. So. Much. Fun. Aaaaagh.



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