The completely unfiltered diary of a 23-year-old (week 30)

3 min readJan 27, 2021


I had zero plans this weekend, and to be honest, I was pretty down about that at first. Like, aw man, I worked this whole week to…do nothing and meet no one?

But honestly, I’m kinda glad I did nothing. I was a good break. But I’m hella ready to get out and do something this weekend.

Maybe alternate weeks is good.

Going out for short runs has been good too, though I’d actually love to just walk around and *smell the flowers* but…nobody actually does that at the park. At least, no one under 80 walks. Or at least, no one under 80 walks alone. And hell, even the 80-year-olds brisk walk. It’s only lovey-dovey couples that walk around slowly, hand in hand. And even they don’t stop to smell the flowers.

Probably only dogs do that.

I also spent half a day trying to iron out personal finance and investment plans. Progress is always slow.

And my hair rollers came. Unfortunately, I lack the skill to use them, it seems. We’ll see how that goes.

PayPal slapped a 3% fee on USD transfers from non-US PayPal accounts to US banks. What a bloody dick move. Not cool.

I’m pissed. Probably will stop using PayPal. Should’ve just transferred my gig money from Fiverr straight to TransferWise, rather than routing through PayPal. They didn’t use to have this 3% fee. It’s not like they increased the fee or anything, it went from not existing, straight to 3%. Assholes.

And I only realized they had this new fee after transferring the USD from Fiverr into Paypal. Ugh.

Oh well. Gonna transfer directly from Fiverr into TransferWise next time (haven’t done this before so hopefully, there won’t be any other hidden fees in there.)

Oh well. Money can be earned again.

Took the 3% PayPal hit. Oof. Hope direct transfers to TransferWise work in future.

Also bought my first official stock! Well, REIT ETF, but hey, not gonna get technical as a newbie here. Technically it’s a bunch of stocks, so…stock! Not counting regular savings plans and random crypto dabbling from before either. This is the first “stock” from a proper brokerage.

Ok, the more I write about this, the more it seems it isn’t really a significant first — which is probably true. Whatever. Still worth noting.

I initially misspelled “noting” as “nothing” in that previous sentence. It’s probably a sign.

Hope I don’t lose all my cash.

But pretty excited to finally get my feet wet with investing.

Also, my colleague’s baby fell sick today and goddamn, babies are fragile creatures man. It seems like my colleagues only ever take leave when their kids are sick, and never for their own sickness.

Maybe having kids makes you immune to your own suffering. Or maybe parents are just so completely exhausted at all times that being sick doesn’t even register. There must be some kind of immunization happening here. Who knows.



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