The completely unfiltered diary of a 24-year-old (week 69)

4 min readOct 27, 2021

Someone from Cyprus put in an order for my side gig. The accompanying message he sent started off with “My dear friend…”

I turned down the gig, but it was nice to be called a dear friend by a stranger from Cyprus.

Sigh. The order cancellation from my dear friend from Cyprus has put my seller rating at risk.

Throwback to my first-ever order cancellation. This is only my second-ever cancellation, though both were in very different circumstances. The first was a cancelled $500 order or something, because the buyer was unsatisfied with the delivery… (.__.) This most recent one was a $5 order that went beyond what I offered for $5, and when I asked for $20, my dear friend cancelled. Fair enough, I don’t blame him. But it hits my ratings just as hard. :(

Should be fine though. I’ve got another 2 orders that should be done by the end of the evaluation period, which should bump my completion rate back up above 90%.

Booked our flights out! Hell, I’ve never been this excited to blow a thousand bucks.

Well, okay, I probably have been before but whatever.

Aw damn, this is so crazy. We’re flying in like three weeks. It’s definitely the most spontaneous trip I’ve ever taken at this scale. But really glad it’s happening! As I was booking the trip, there was this sudden flood of motivation to work a bit harder in the next few weeks LOL. Clear work before jet-setting off!

There is also a bit of trepidation, but we’ll be fine. I’m minorly worried about work in January. Might have to take a few days of leave. Or not. We’ll see!

I really did almost zero work today. In fact, I think I actually did zero work, except browse a website and download a report. But, there’s work coming up so gotta pull my shit together.

Also, I went on my first-ever Tinder date on Sunday evening. Mate was a nice guy, honestly I think we could be friends, just no spark. It was a mutual lack of spark, and I probably should have put in more effort into the conversation, but oh well. Good first experience! He’d been really earnest over text, so I felt like he’d be cool to meet anyway. We’ll see if I end up meeting anyone else. I might even drop him a message to wish him luck in his job switch pursuits he told me about.

Transferred four thousand bucks from Fiverr over to my bank account. It’s a bit of an ordeal transferring USD our from Fiverr into a non-US USD account. You go from Fiverr to Transferwise, then to your own USD account. And it takes a couple of days in between. But hell, I hope it goes smoothly and I end up with USD to throw into USD-listed stocks, without too much of the original sum getting chipped away at by fees.

Did I say I finished Nelson Mandela’s audiobook? It was interesting. Long. Top three things I learnt:

  1. Fella’s got game. He had three wives, the second when he was like 40, and she was like 25. And the third when he was 80, and she was 52 or something.
  2. Mate was a lawyer. No wonder he speaks well. (Or, I guess he was a good speaker, so no wonder he was a lawyer. And then politician/leader of the freedom fighters.) Gotta have that charisma.
  3. He was circumcized in his home village in a traditional ceremony when he was a teenager. Ouch.

Clearly I have learnt a lot from this 24-hour long audiobook.

Nah, it really was quite interesting.

Fiverr customer support helped revert my gig order completion rate to 100%. I have never seen something quite so beautiful.

Also, went to a laptop repair shop for the first time in my life. It was pretty cool. A very neighborhood vibes, down to earth, unassuming kind of store. Got my Dell laptop battery replaced for $130 (since Dell only accepts original parts), and he helped clean out the dust (and there was a lot) from inside my laptop, and reapply the thermal paste for free. Then, he even checked out the software side of things and helped to unbulk my laptop so it runs faster. Screw you, McAfee.

Reminder to self to shut down the laptop more often, instead of just closing it and letting it hibernate. Gotta keep that motherboard well rested.

The laptop repair guy even had a microscope in his little laptop and laptop parts-covered shop. To seek out issues in the motherboard, of course, he’d said.


Cher got covid. Yikes. I’m pretty sure she’ll be fine (but still, touch wood). Her grandparents must be freaking out though.

Well, she should recover before our trip. This is utter madness.

I took an at-home covid test as a precaution. Not fun sticking those things up your own nose. Sneezed each time. But thankfully, the test was negative. I’ll do another one tomorrow, or the day after, probably.

I haven’t done jack at work pretty much this whole week. Yet, I haven’t gotten around to doing much side gig editing either. Gotta get to it — there’s side hustle work piling up. The adapter that connects my laptop to the 10-year-old monitor I salvaged from office died suddenly, so I can’t use the monitor with my laptop till the new adapter cable arrives. Hopefully it comes tomorrow.

Where on earth did this week go.



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