The completely unfiltered diary of a 24-year-old (week 71)

3 min readNov 11, 2021

I posted an Instagram story about a simple travel-hacking tip (you could potentially save money on Ryanair tickets by putting multiple check-in luggages under the same passenger, instead of having one for each passenger, if you’re travelling in a group.) My university short-term crush replied the story (and wow, it feels so weird and teenager-y to write the word ‘crush’), and so did this other guy I totally crushed on while I was overseas in my third year. Some other people replied too, and damn, it’s always nice to have people reply and have a chat with them.

So this cute guy I’d met while overseas is in Spain, and Cher and I are going there, but not to his city. I was totally hoping he would reply my Instagram story (since Barcelona was mentioned in it as part of the Ryanair itinerary), and when he did, I was like hell yes. Well, as of last year I’m pretty sure he had a girlfriend. He could be married now for all I know. Lol.

But anyway, crazily enough, he mentioned he would try the hack for his trip to Italy, and turns out, we might actually be in the same city in Italy in early January. We’ll see!

Also, Kay told me about one of her single guy friends when we met the other day. And, wow, they’re fast, but I met him (together with Kay) yesterday. He seems really nice! Not sure if there are any feelings there, but hey, he does seem like a good person. And me being the (perhaps overly) proactive girl, I added him on Instagram first, and he literally accepted within like 2 seconds. Lol.

So yeah, for the past day or two I’ve had 3 guys that I quite like in my IG DMs. This is probably the peak of my non-existent dating life. LOL. Anyway. Conversation with cute Spanish guy has died a natural death. I wish we could talk more, but honestly, it’s probably become a chore. If we meet in Italy, that would be pretty damn cool. I still can’t believe it — and hell, we might not even meet since it’s a big city — but yeah, I’d been secretly hoping to somehow find him while Cher and I are in Spain, but when we’d decided to not go to his city at all, I’d given up hope. And then, this happened, right at the end. It’s such a coincidence.

Man, flights out are in less than a week! Holy macaroni moley.


Side note on work: I’ve still been doing almost nothing this week… Went for 4-hour hair salon visit today (it was at a hairdressing school, so the students are more cautious and really take their time, but it’s cheap so…:) ) It was during work hours, and I had a slight worry someone might ping me while I was slacking off, but of course, that didn’t happen. :)

Now I have shorter hair (though in hindsight I really should’ve asked for even shorter hair) and highlights! Not sure how I feel about the highlights. They’re nice, but kind of blocky towards the top of the head… They’ll probably look less blocky and more “natural” after the hair grows out a little.

What in the world! Where did the week go…

I feel like I lost time… Gosh. It’s been a good week though. Meeting friends is always good. And I’ve been doing more of absolutely nothing at work. But, maybe I’ll get something done today. Maybe.



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