The completely unfiltered diary of a 24-year-old (week 70)

4 min readNov 4, 2021

Oh dear, it’s Wednesday again and I’m staring down a blank page.

I really haven’t done much at work for what seems like two weeks now. And I’ve got a one-on-one with my manager tomorrow. And I just told him about my travel/work remote for two months plan two days ago. Well, it’s fine. It was just a little strange that one of my colleagues (the lady) reached out to me to ask how things were going, and she said I was very quiet on the group chat. Which is true, because I haven’t said anything on there for probably weeks. I just had nothing of value to share there, but I guess, you have to talk just to show you exist.

I just hope my manager didn’t ask her to check in on me…

Got a 25% tip on a side gig job I just delivered. That’s pretty nice.

I’m slightly annoyed at Cher, because she keeps sleeping really late, even though she needs to quickly get better before our trip out. Otherwise, there’s no way we can leave if she doesn’t test negative for covid. It’s ridiculous that I’m angry at someone who’s sick… I keep telling her to chill and freaking rest more, but she just doesn’t and doesn’t explain why either. And she’s a terrible texter, but she always has been. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s an issue when you’re planning a trip and can’t see each other in person, and she’s sick with bloody covid. And whenever I ask her how she’s doing she just brushes it off. So I can’t tell if she’s really fine, or just…y’know, trying not to make me worry.


Anyway. I think she might be annoyed at me too, because I keep telling her to chill. She probably thinks I’m too chill. Or maybe she doesn’t. I can’t tell. Bloody fucking hell, I hate texting. You just can’t get the tone of the person, especially when neither of you usually text much, so you don’t know their texting style.

UGHH. Ok. It’s fine.

Ok, I’ve texted her to ask point blank if she’s pissed, or just busy, or just sick. Being subtle (or taking hints) is truly not my forte. And I don’t ever drop hints either, which is why I can’t ever catch them when someone else is dropping hints. Oh well.

I did go through a short quarantine in my room, since I’d been a close contact of Cher. But thankfully, no covid for me.

In other news, had an italki lesson for Spanish the other day. I had some credits leftover from last year, which had expired, so I wrote in to have them reinstated, and decided it’s best to use them now before I forget again. Also, I’ve been cramming some Spanish in preparation for going to Spain.

It was a pretty nerve-racking class, but once we were in it, it was pretty interesting really. Looking forward to the next class with equal parts excitement, and “oh gosh, what are we gonna talk about” nerves. It’s a pretty free-form conversation type of class, so the first class is always easy introduction stuff. But we’ll see how the next one goes.

Cher replied. Nope, she’s not annoyed, thank goodness. I’m so relieved. Glad I asked. Glad we can have straight up conversations like this. :)

So it was really just me getting my own knickers in a twist. No idea why that expression popped into my head, but it did. It’s a funny expression.

I listened to a Coffee Break Spanish travel diaries episode about four times. The cool thing is, after listening and re-listening to it so many times, at the fourth listen, something clicks and I can actually understand 95% of what they’re saying. Still not quite 100%, but it’s a really cool feeling of going from what on earth are they saying, I’m focusing so hard but can’t understand anything, to something more like, oh yeah, they’re actually talking pretty slowly and I’m catching most of it.

It’s a great feeling.

I need to get a haircut. Well, okay, it’s not technically a need, but my hair is getting pretty long.

I brought my laptop out today to do some work. Really glad I got the battery fixed, so now I’m not always tethered to the bloody power outlet. Lol. It’s not actually bloody. That would be concerning.

Wow, my humor is clearly on point today.

Anyway. I’m gonna try to use my phone less, ’cause I think it’s wrecking my eyesight bad. I was in the park today, and there were some chickens maybe 10 meters away from me, and I couldn’t see them clearly. Oh dear.

Yep. Gonna try to minimize phone screen time, since I’m pretty sure it’s much worse than looking at a laptop or monitor. Plus, there really isn’t much you can’t do on a computer that you can on a phone — other than actually call people, but who the hell calls people nowadays?

So, the plan is to text, watch youtube and all that, on my laptop instead of my phone (when I have to. Not using a screen at all is still the preferred option.) We’ll see how that goes. Having an untethered laptop is indeed freeing.



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