The completely unfiltered diary of a 24-year-old (week 68)

4 min readOct 20, 2021

Made a whopping $1.30 from 21 kilograms of paper recycling, from last week’s machine. Turns out that pile of paper that barely reached my knee was way heavier than anticipated. The machine was really easy to use, and I’m so glad they’ve been introduced! Next up will have to be plastic bottle recycling machines, like the ones they had in Denmark. They’re amazing.

Met Cher today, for an extremely belated birthday celebration. She’s had a busy month. Well, she’s still busy as heck. But I think she enjoys being busy. Not sure if that’s a good thing, but it could be a welcome distraction while she figures out what she wants. She’s a good travel buddy though, so going on a trip together should be fun. Though, she’s not really the “fun” kind…at all. She needs to learn to take a chill pill and just relax and have fun. It’ll probably do her some good. Some good old European wines should do the trick. :)

And, she remembers so many details about things I’ve told her… I’m terrible at remembering things. Agh. Makes me feel a little bad, but I think I remember most of the important stuff! So hopefully she doesn’t mind.

I did almost nothing at work today. Just like yesterday. Just like the past few weeks. I’m becoming such a lazy blob, but hell, if you can get away with it… Plus, pretty sure my whole immediate team is ready to slack off for the rest of the year. I counted and there’s only about 50 more working days, and we’ve all got about 15 leave days left. So that’s 3 weeks of leave within less than 2.5 months. Fantastic.

Finally set up a Tinder date! Lol. Gotta commit. :’)

Am I excited to meet this guy? Not really. But, he could be nice. He seems pretty damn earnest over text (a little too earnest maybe… Like double texting in less than 12 hours kind of earnest…) But well, gotta start somewhere and he could totally be interesting to meet.

Yeah. It should be interesting! A good experience. Or, at least, a good-to-have experience. Lol. Making subtle but important concessions here.

I tried to actually do some work at my day job today. Did up about four slides — was hoping for more. But I’ve been slacking for so long that I guess it takes a while to build up momentum again…

To be fair, in hindsight, I probably only worked for five hours. Not the best efficiency, but we’ll get there.

Jessie fell sick today… Poor soul. She said she had a backache, and then later figured out she had a fever. Smelling ability still intact though, so hopefully it’s not covid! Shouldn’t be.

I’m craving sweets right now… Gosh. But I checked my banking app (to see my credit card history) and realised that I’d gone on my previous snack haul just three days ago. Maybe three and a half days.

Let’s see what I’ve eaten in that time:

Two packs of TNCC gummies (832 cal, 142g sugar each)

A pack of Hershey’s chocolate drops (290 cal, 23g sugar)

A pack of seaweed puff peanuts (590 cal, 25g sugar)

A pack of baked cashewnuts (810 cal, 5g sugar)

Disclaimer: I don’t usually do this, though I do roughly try to keep track of how much sugar I’m eating…which is a lot.

Also, this was what I ate, already with a considerable amount of self control…

Total calories: 3354 (1118cal per day… Holy crap…)

Total sugar: 337g (112g per day)

Well shit. That’s not good. According to my fitness tracker, I use less than 2,000 calories a day. And, if I don’t exercise that day, it could be as low as 1,200 to 1,500 calories. Crap. Definitely not good. And, daily recommended sugar intake is 20g…

No wonder I’m so bloody tired all the time. Really gotta cut down on junk food… (Technically the cashews are proper food, but really only in smaller portions).

On one hand, I’ve made good progress since last year. Just last year I’d regularly eat an entire can of chocolate wafer rolls (1863 cal, 160g sugar). Cripes. Small wins, but I better speed up the progress.

Then again, most of the improvement was probably due to internal body changes (not my own sheer willpower to eat less crap)— probably some hormone thing that has suppressed my appetite. Falling metabolism? Probably.


Whoops, came across the grocery receipt and realised I’d missed out another pack of crackers. 404 cal and 3.5g sugar. So That’s 1,200+ cal from junk each day. Yikes.



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