The completely unfiltered diary of a 24-year-old (week 66)

4 min readOct 6, 2021

Where the hell did the weekend go. It’s already Sunday afternoon.

I managed to get through that editing rush job, and there’s another one I’m getting through now. And, because I slacked off too bloody much last week, I’ve gotta get some work crap done before Monday 10am. Oh well. Still plenty of time left for napping and rolling about.

Honestly, it’s probably a good thing I had no plans this weekend.

Had a call with Gia, which was…nice but also…almost a little draining. I really feel like I’m carrying the whole conversation. I have no idea how she survives with speaking and sharing so little about herself. Extreme introvert stuff, I guess… But also, no, that’s not how introversion works. Sigh. Whatever. It’s almost like talking to a very attentive wall, lol. Maybe we just gotta hang out with more people, so there’s a little more energy to bounce off of. Or, maybe the stuff I’m talking about just isn’t interesting to her. Ok, enough. I gotta stop being so critical of my friends and get my own shit in order.

But goddamn, it’s frustrating.

Ok. Enough whining.

My colleague — that I’d matched with and dropped of my Telegram handle to — didn’t reply. Welp. Maybe he’ll pull the same thing my previous acquaintance match did, and text me out of the blue months later when he’s finally gotten around to doing it (which probably means they’ve reached almost a state of desperation, or maybe apathy, or boredom.) Too bad, I actually was hoping to meet up with him.

It’s Monday. The weekend flew past. What the heck.

And now it’s Wednesday. I did a whole lot of almost-nothing today. Submitted some work yesterday, got some comments from the boss and team on it, and decided I wasn’t gonna work on it today.

Yesterday, they announced the high-level company structure (i.e. for the upper upper management) for the post-merger company. My second-biggest boss is sticking around, so that’s good news I suppose. Had a chat with my colleague (or rather, he had a chat with me.) He asked if I “had any concerns” after the announcement, and I thought about it, and decided no, not really. It’s still kind of early to tell what might happen next, I suppose. Plus, I have no experience with mergers or restructuring in general, so, we’ll see. It’s still at least a couple of months out. And, there might be opportunities that come out of the mess, so maybe it’s worth sticking around.

The glaze (polyurethane) for my polymer clay has arrived! Glazing is pretty fun! Aw, I’m so proud of my first-ever polymer clay piece.

Also, I finally got my shit together and replaced my crappy-ass light bulb. It’s been working, but only at about 10% brightness for the past maybe two months. Probably more than two months. Who knows. I procrastinated, then finally called the electrician, who said they’d just replace the bulb. I was thinking some rewiring or fancy work might’ve been needed (because this LED stuff is supposed to last for years, but it died on me in just over a single year. Which is worse than the normal florescent lightbulb.) But after the electrician said they’d just replace the bulb, I figured I could just do it myself. It’s a tiny bit trickier than replacing a normal light bulb. Normal bulbs are pretty much plug-and-play, but these LED ones require a screwdriver to loosen some screw, slide the wire under the screw, and tighten the screw onto the wire.

Anyway. It’s done, and my room is lit again. Yippee.

Also, brother is back. It’s nice to have him around, and damn, it feels like the months that went by just disappeared. It’s like no time has passed. I feel like nothing too notable has happened, I guess.

Side hustle job is done and the client gave me a 15% tip. That was nice.

Might meet Shelly and her boyfriend this weekend. Should be fun! And chill, because nobody has time/energy for un-chill stuff.

Reuters is having a climate conference (a virtual one), and I’m slightly disappointed that Robert Downey Jr. and Matt Damon pulled out of it. They were included in the original agenda, but at the last minute, they were quietly removed. Oh well. I’ve listened to a couple of the talks, and some are decently interesting. One good thing about having a chill job is that you can spend time learning about stuff that you care about, even if it’s not entirely related to work. I guess that’s also mostly possible only because of work-from-home.

Alright, enough babbling. Time to get off the screen and listen to some podcasts. Conan just did one with Anderson Cooper, which was pretty cool actually. Oh and, I’ve been listening to Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela. Also pretty damn cool.

Oh. One last thing. I reached out to a couple (ok, just two) old friends through Instagram these few days. That was nice. Hopefully we follow through and do catch up sometime in the coming months. One nice thing about re-visiting Instagram every few weeks is that when I do see people doing cool stuff, I feel excited for them and can just chat them up. It’s nice in small doses. It wouldn’t be quite as exciting if I watched all their stories everyday, that’s for sure.

Alright. Enough for now.



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