The completely unfiltered diary of a 24-year-old (week 65)

3 min readSep 29, 2021

Had a surprisingly good (and tiring) afternoon out solo. Went climbing, then went to an art store and bought some polymer clay supplies. Gotta fight the boredom!

Blew almost 40 bucks on basic polymer clay supplies. Just the basic clay in a set of different colors, a starter tool kit (because they didn’t sell the individual items and I gave up looking), and a tiny paintbrush. Was hoping I’d have chalk pastels lying around at home, but we’ll see.

Feels good to be able to spend on hobbies! Bad thing is, I think I had a bit of a dopamine high and ended up buying a bunch Famous Amos cookies. But hell, it’s all fine.

I’m just trying to blend colors now and damn, this shit is hard. I wanted to make cyan from blue and green, then ended up googling for tips (this video was pretty helpful), got impatient, and decided to make a small tester blob. It’s coming out fine, but I realized, you need a lot of white to tone down those primary colors into a nice cyan. It’s fun though. Maybe this has Tiktok potential?!

Oh my gosh. Might’ve stumbled across an out to working life right there.

Fighting the boredom is a bit of a losing battle. I’m lonely as hell. Sigh.

Still, gotta keep trying. I really hate having to reach out to friends all the time. Can’t help it, I guess, since I need more social interaction than they do. Mission to expand friend network is an ongoing one…

Got a bunch of side hustle work in this coming week. Six hundred bucks in the pipeline.

And I’ve been extremely uninspired at my day job this past week. Oh well. It’s alright — there’s work to be done, but I can probably rush through it tomorrow and on Friday.

Dating app chat with that colleague I’d matched with was going well. Solid replies from him, though they usually took a day. Which is totally alright with me. Replies within 48 hours for someone you’re not close to is totally reasonable. Plus, his replies were pretty long so that’s a good sign. Thing is, I decided to take the lead and drop him my Telegram handle. That was exactly 48 hours ago, and he has yet to reply.

I hope he does. But oh well, not gonna think about it too much. Maybe he’s just busy (he is probably swamped with work and studies). It would suck if he doesn’t reply. Big blow to my ego, lol. But, I don’t see why he wouldn’t. (Maybe I’m coming on too strong, but I really don’t like making guys make the first move. It’s tough for them too.)

I bought a cheap ass box of chalk pastels online. Hope they come soon, and hope they work well on the polymer clay.

Alright, on to side hustling! I really need to be more grateful that my day job is lax enough that I have time to do this shit, and get bored doing nothing in the day while all my friends are busy working. First world problems indeed.



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