The completely unfiltered diary of a 24-year-old (week 63)

Wow, it’s been a packed weekend.

And damn, I spent so much money today. It wasn’t really bothering me or anything, just something at the back of my head.

Actually, hey, it was only about 60 bucks. Maybe 70. Not too bad at all. And, my fitness tracker shows 19,000 steps. Way more than the average day for me, lol.

Went cycling with Kay and her boyfriend, and ate oysters. It was funny because the seafood place didn’t allow us to eat there, so we brought the oysters out to a mall where we could get a lemon and sit on the ground and eat. It just felt funny eating fancy expensive oysters, sitting on the hard ground in a random corner outside the mall.

Hung out with Lauren and some old friends after that. It was alright. A little tiring (probably also because I was already tired from the cycling). They also talked a lot about themselves, and at first I was slightly annoyed, but then I realized, they probably have a lot of anxiety/depressive shit they have to get off their chests. Sigh.

Overall, it was a pretty nice hang out. I’m pretty dead now. Gonna have a good rest before the work week starts again.

Oh yeah, also, met Lauren the day before to go see some flowers. Had some nice brunch too, using some discount Cher had. It was a really nice hang with Lauren! Her first time seeing that part of the park too. It was more tiring than expected though. Lol. We are weak.

I’ve been editing a new story these past few days. It’s about a young-ish single mom (she’s probably under thirty) who falls for a 40-year-old guy. Makes me think a little of my mentor (there must be something wrong with me). I wonder if he’s married??

The bad thing about me is I tend to think a lot of people are cute. The good thing is that once I find out that they’re in a relationship, something clicks in my mind and it goes 100% platonic.

The fact I’m even saying this means I must have some inkling of attraction towards my mentor. What the fuck. Just typing that gives me the creeps. Good gosh. Homegirl needs to get a bloody dating life together.


I bought a skipping rope today. Secondhand, because, save the earth. Took half the day off too, to do some side hustle editing. It was a nice chill afternoon. Procrastinated on the editing quite a bit, but got it done.

Anyway. When I finally dragged myself out to try some skipping, I realized. It’s hella difficult. Well, it’s hard to get into the rhythm and I kept tripping. But anyway, the key is to keep trying. I’m sure it’ll get better over time.

It’s been a good day. Maybe half-day work weeks will be a good option to aim for. Lol.

I downloaded The Sandman from Audible. I noticed a significant drop in eyesight quality when I went out today — not good. Time to listen to more audiobooks and get my eyes off the damn screen.

I’ve only listened to the first 5 minutes or so, and it’s interesting. It feels like listening to a movie without the visuals. Really different from the non-fiction audiobooks I’ve been listening to, which are all read really clearly and without any fancy cinematic effects.

It’s like an audio version of a play.

The Sandman is pretty damn horrific. Surely it has to be classified as horror, no? I never do horror. Hell no.

It really is quite immersive though, when you close your eyes and really let yourself go into the audio world.

Anyway. After taking half of Monday off (and really loving it), I’ve been slacking off like crazy at work. Procrastinating. Ugh. Gotta get shit done though. Gotta learn to be efficient, get the work done, then slack off quietly but with no anxiety, knowing that the work is done.

Also, I got bored on the dating app already (partially because I wasn’t getting as enthusiastic a response as I was hoping to get from my matches. Oh well.) I just downloaded Tinder. Maybe it’ll be more exciting.

All this erotic romance I’ve been editing for my side hustle must be messing with my head. I’m half-tempted to randomly hit up some guy who hit on me two years ago. He was cute. And initiating stuff like that always works out well in those novels, lol.

I’m so sick of being bored!! But also too insecure and unconfident to do anything about it. Ugh. Ok, hello Tinder. Let’s see how that goes.

This whole Sandman type of audio novel is a great way to kill time though. Might have to veer away from the horror genre, but it really is almost like watched a movie without having to use your eyes. Can really draw you in for a good hour or two. Or three. Or, if you’re like me, 30 minutes before your wireless earbud dies on you.

It’s already September. Jesus.


Tinder account has been set up and is LIVE. Stay tuned for updates. This is my first baby step to hoe-dom. ;)



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