The completely unfiltered diary of a 23-year-old (week 51)

The dentist told me my teeth looked good and that I’d been brushing well. It felt like getting full marks on a school quiz.

Until she said, but, it looks like you’ve been brushing too hard on your right molar.

Maybe that’s a B+. (Also, remember to brush up and down, not side to side! And brush gently.)

Also, I asked her about teeth whitening, and she very nicely explained things in detail (including how the whitening isn’t permanent, just for maybe 7–8 months. And that some people use the take-home trays and whiten every few weeks instead to make it last longer instead of having one intensive whitening session at the start of two weeks straight). But she ended off with, “Your teeth are okay though, you don’t need whitening.” And I just thought, aw, that’s so nice. What a sweet thing to say to someone who’s probably self-conscious about their teeth. Confidence b o o s t. Plus, she totally didn’t have to say that, and it would probably help her make more money.

Which honestly, I feel like that clinic probably needs.

Anyway, side note, I am once again so glad that my company’s insurance covers most of the dental fees.

Hung out with Sam and friends at his place. It was good vibes. I’m tired, but really really happy.

Confirmation for the thousandth time that I thrive on social interaction — even if I’m awkward at times.

Hell no. No negativity. I’m fucking awesome.

Also, I won a freaking Fitbit at our online graduation celebration. i.e. exactly what I’d wanted just a few weeks back. Even better, actually, since it’s an actual Fitbit. What incredible luck.

So glad we hung out to join the virtual celebration together, because honestly if not, I probably would’ve skipped.

Aw damn. It was a good day.

And I’d started the evening off kinda tired too, because I was rushing through that side gig. It’s almost done now, thank goodness.

But after hanging out with them, I’m physically tired (because I need sleep), but just so happy. Does that mean I gain energy from social interactions, or nah? I think it does. I’m just tired cos I need sleep. Pretty sure I’m an extrovert. Or at least somewhere in the middle but biased toward the extrovert end of the scale.

Alright, I was about to sleep but got up to record these good vibes. Back to sleep now, since I’m weak and entirely sleep-reliant.

Made a cheesecake with Kay. Been delivering a lot of random snacks to Jessie since there’s leftover stuff that I make. Even she’s remarked that I’ve been baking a lot.

Clearly I haven’t been working hard.

Also totally having a sugar craving right now but I’ve got a call with Lauren in a few minutes. Honestly, if not for that, I’d probably be on the way to the supermarket to buy sweets right now.

I am such a child.

Can’t wait to talk to Lauren though! Haven’t had proper updates from her since she started her new work.

Also, I finally delivered that big gig order. Phew. Thankfully, the client accepted the order almost immediately and left a 5-star review. Unfortunately, my Fiverr’s Choice badge is gone and I have no idea why. :( Maybe it’s because the order volume isn’t high enough..? Or maybe it’s because some crappy customer didn’t leave a review. (Ok, it wasn’t a crappy customer, they probably just forgot.)


Had the call with Lauren. She’s good, though busy. Which is pretty much as expected. I really hope once we get fully vaxxed we can hang out normally again!

She asked me what I usually do at night, and so let me think about that for real now.

So. Recently I’ve been trying to go for walks, and the occasional run if I’m feeling particularly inspired. I did a few walks while listening to Coffee Break Spanish podcasts. It’s nice.

I’ve been keeping up quite religiously with Duolingo.

I watch a lot of YouTube. Too much.

Sometimes I bake. Sometimes I try to follow a simple dance tutorial. Sometimes I put on music and just dance. Badly. Sometimes I listen to podcasts. Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend is sometimes fun if I know the guest. Sometimes I listen to an audiobook. Sometimes I check my stocks. Sometimes I attempt to curl my hair with the heatless rod.

Yeah, it really is pretty random. On the plus side, I haven’t gone to the supermarket to buy snacks for a while — but I feel the urge…

I’m definitely a sugar addict.

My colleague is so… sweet… I’m so grateful. He’s been helping me so much and really getting like nothing out of it.

I decided to start tracking what I do at work, because I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget — maybe I was actually doing more than I remembered.

But nope. I’ve come to realize, there’s nothing much for me to write half the time. I guess I’m legitimately slacking off.

But maybe that’s just how it is. Everyone else probably is doing the same. So it’s all cool.

Also, with some light encouragement from Kay and my brother who called the other day, I finally decided once again to hit someone up on a dating app. I even sent an opening message. But somehow, the guy matched within like two hours, but didn’t reply. I’m slightly offended. (not really)

I guess I’m really bored, but people on a screen still don’t really appeal to me. I gotta meet them in person. Meet an actual living breathing human.

Or maybe I just gotta say fuck it and match up with a bunch of guys and go hang out with them… Ugh, even the thought of it makes me feel lazy.

I spent half my day watching scambaiting videos. Gosh.

They’re addictive.



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