The completely unfiltered diary of a 23-year-old (week 41)

4 min readApr 14, 2021

I got really annoyed with Mom and Dad because they keep fighting about dumb shit. It’s not that bad, really, but it still sucks. And I have zero patience for this shit.

Lucky for me, I asked Jessie who’s been considering moving out for a while, and sounds like she’s down to share an apartment.

I was so annoyed I decided to go out and get dinner on my own, and eat it in the park like a hobo. It was pretty nice, actually, though it probably makes me an asshole for not staying at home. Oh well. I would’ve been an asshole anyway, if I stayed at home for dinner.

Meeting Shelly tomorrow to work from home together. Looking forward to catching up with her! It’s been a while, and I think she’s been pretty busy. Plus, I think she’s less whiny now, so I’m excited!

Celebrated Kay’s birthday too, with the gang. Went to a fancy restaurant and blew some cash. I thought it was fine, but maybe it was a bit steep for the others. So I told them the total bill was lower than what it actually was, so they wouldn’t have to pay so much. Oops. Oh well. Soon we’ll all be ballin’. Maybe.

I helped Lauren with her project. Poor girl is beyond stressed and exhausted — and if she’s asking me for help, she must be desperate. I’m so glad she felt okay asking. Can’t wait for her to finally finish and graduate! So she can finally take a well-deserved and much needed rest, and then celebrate like a free bird.

Speaking of birds, a bird flew into the house two days ago. It was the craziest thing, to come home and go into the kitchen, and suddenly hear mad flapping over your head. Thankfully, the bird has found its way out.

I was actually supposed to meet with Lyza and Cher, plus one more long-lost but very dear friend. But it fell through in the end because the poor friend was overwhelmed with work. I’ll have to try to catch her some time, or maybe send her a postcard.

Oh and, we had swim class this week and we learned to tread water. It was nothing short of a miracle, that when I tried pushing down with my hands and doing the frog kick, it worked. I was ecstatic. Everyone in class probably thinks I’m weird, but whatever. Who cares if you’re weird if you can survive a flood. (For just a few seconds, because that’s as much as I can do for now.)

Went to office today and it was actually pretty nice! It’s been a good day. Saw my colleagues, talked to them a bit, was awkward as usual because I have essentially nothing to offer (no industry knowledge) but I guess I can be entertaining and make them feel smart. I’m so grateful to my colleague (really nice guy) because he took the initiative to ask me how I was doing, and really took time out to check up on me — which I think is what my manager should be doing but…oh well. It’s tough since my manager is based overseas.

I also bumped into my mentor who happened to be in office today, which I was genuinely happy about (though again I guess it must’ve been awkward because I was all “Oh hey! So good to see you! Have you been coming often? No? Oh yeah, me neither — ok, seeya.” Lol. His exact words were: you really like this space huh? And I was internally thinking, hell no. Again his smile didn’t seem genuine but oh well. Baby steps. I imagine that if I was a 50-year-old saying hi to a 20-year-old mentee, I’d be giving polite smiles too. Not that I don’t like the younger kid, but that’s just how it is. I’m glad he’s at least putting in the effort to give a polite smile.

Some upper management guy smiled at me too (at least I think he did — maybe he was just squinting to see my face, you can never be 100% sure.) Perks of going to office when it’s tiny and cramped, and not everyone is going back, is that you get to naturally bump into upper management and overhear conversations (good and bad. It was hella noisy, kinda hard to get real focus. Then again, the main point of going to the office now isn’t to work, but for the interaction factor.)

Will have to probably make an introduction to that guy sometime, or it’s just gonna be a case of “oh that’s the person I always see and smile at, but I don’t know who she is and it’s too late now to ask.”

Met Shelly too, and it was really good to see her! I think it’s good that our meetings are more spaced out now. It makes each meeting special. She works really hard now, which would’ve been quite unimaginable during our college days; but I guess people get used to things, and if your peers are working really hard, its easier to work hard too.



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