The completely unfiltered diary of a 23-year-old girl (week 6)

Saw this video about a sumo wrestler and somehow it suddenly made me remember that people can be truly full of positivity and joy! Idk something just clicked. It’s so bloody wholesome, seriously.

Poor guy is passed away recently though. Wiki says he contracted some illness.

But man. Look at how he just smiles and laughs and is so happy about everything. Freaking love it.

Noooo I forgot to post on Wednesday D: And the stuff about Byamba (the sumo) was written last week. It’s Friday now, oh noo (well technically Saturday, since it’s 12.10am) Somehow I thought Wednesday was Tuesday or something, and by the time Thursday came around and I realised, something came up and there just wasn’t time. Sigh, excuses :(

Oh well, will just talk about the past one and a half weeks then!

Honestly I’ve realised it doesn’t really seem to work for me to journal at the end of the week, because I can never remember what happened at the start of it. Jeez, this must be some sign of early onset memory loss .__.

It has been a pretty good week all in all though, I would think. Been playing the ukulele quite a bit, and given how I have absolutely zero musical talent, it’s been pretty fun! To really get into it, even if all I can do is basic shit. And now the tip of my middle finger on my left hand is kinda numb LOL. From all the string pressing. Those who play guitar will probably think I’m a complete wuss. Which I proudly am :)

So I was trying to learn some songs, and then got frustrated when I couldn’t even play Riptide properly. Kept messing up the chord change from C to G. And this was supposed to be an extremely easy song.

So I think I tried to find other songs and somehow ended up finding Chet Faker’s Drop The Game (ok, he’s called Nick Murphy now). Okay, I kinda wanna record howIi came across this first song because it’s kiinda personally significant (it’s the first time I somehow came across chucking LOL like I didn’t even know it existed. I think I just strummed badly and thought it sounded nice and then came up with a random strumming pattern that suited the song. Also first time using my own strumming pattern just cos the vibes were strong :’))

Wow, going through your own Youtube search history is an interesting experience when it reminds you of how you spent the past week going from watching sewing transformation videos (Micarah Tewers), to olive oil chocolate cake (which turned out pretty decent), to Fitness Marshall workouts, to 1MILLION Dance Studio vids, then realising there’s no way you’re gonna be able to do those dances so you fall back to Fitness Marshall vids which are meant to be really easy cardio-focused dances but honestly, that’s about the limit of your dancing ability.

And then Andy Guitar ukulele tutorials. And then got frustrated at day 2 (he’s a great teacher, I just suck LOL) and started searching up ukulele versions of some songs from spotify that I really liked. After realising stuff from The Kooks and The Paper Kites was just too difficult, I tried Chet Faker and eventually found some Drop The Game covers!

And then found this gem too (No Diggity cover) but the strumming pattern seemed hard. Though I realised later it really isn’t too bad!

Wow today’s entry is truly a rant.

But yeah! Ukulele has been fun, especially when you can really get into it and jam. Been playing with my brother a little too, which was a lot of fun.

Got my first paycheck from this job too, which was nice.

And got some new Fiverr gigs, which was also kinda nice because things have been rather slow on that side. Though the thought of having to spend time doing work for those gigs isn’t really the most exciting. But as far as work goes, it really isn’t too bad either. Maybe even a 7/10 ;)

Went out with some friends today too. Haven’t seen them in a while, so it really was good to see them. Everyone’s working now…

Which is better than being out of work I guess, lol, especially given the shitty times we’re in now. Graduating right into a recession.

But yeah now that people are working the dynamics feel a little different. Less carefree. That’s just adulting, I guess. Or at least, maybe that’s how the transitioning into work life phase is like. Maybe after we’ve gotten used to things a little more, things will be less crappy. Like this whole crappy filter we’ve been (ok maybe just I’ve been) viewing life through will clear up and things will be good and happy again.

And honestly. Yeah. I’m pretty sure once we’ve gotten into the rhythm of work things will be better. And we’ll have money to afford things! (‘: Always a trade-off between time and money huh…

Alright! It’s almost 1am and I’m exhausted because ̵I̵’̵m̵ ̵w̵e̵a̵k̵ ̵ I’m a responsible working adult now with sensible sleeping hours. ;)

Talk to you soon (on Wednesday!)



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